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Daily storage and management of cigarette In the hot and humid season, how to take good care of wholesale cigarettes, cigarette mold how to do summer work transition retailers has been the focus of attention. In general, due to objective conditions, retailers can not have a good mold, moisture equipment, so in their daily work in the business, retailers once careless, it may cause mildew cigarettes, bringing Economic losses. Well cigarettes mildew work, you can start from the following: 1. Replace the sample method In general, the sample container on the wind, rain, under the sun, the chances of mildew "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" caused by cigarettes wholesale price is very high. Thus, in the daily business work, a kind of cigarette samples, there must be ground to replace the number of days of rain to relatively short intervals, sunny suitably long, but the longest time can not exceed one week. At the same time, to do inspection work samples of cigarettes, the normal cigarette light weight, good elasticity, those poor flexibility, heavy weight of the newport cigarettes wholesale, the cigarettes for sale online cigarette described moisture contained inside big, there how much are cigarettes is the danger of mildew, this time, to quickly move it ventilated, dry, cool place, and sell out quickly. In the sampling cigerettes process, to avoid direct sunlight, the consequences because it brings not only the cigarettes wholesale packaging by prolonged exposure to change color, but also cause a huge loss of moisture cigarette. Event of the rainy season, it is easy to mold. 2. FIFO Retailers in the cigarette business and working temperature of the rainy season, how much is a carton of newport 100s to follow the FIFO principle. FIFO is in the sales process, according to the date of the purchase of cigarettes sold from far to near, thus preventing some cigarettes too long backlog, reduce the chance of mildew. According to this method of sales, retailers must operate when marlboro cigarettes online, frequently check the inventory of cigarettes and cigarettes according Coding date on it in accordance with the sales order is good, be aware of to marlboro cigarettes price prevent human error losses. 3. The method of proof isolation Daily sales work, not to store cigarettes or newport 100s carton directly on the floor. Because moisture on the ground a large, placed directly on top of cigarettes will accelerate absorption of moisture, mildew may increase cigarette. In the daily work of storage, should put the cheap newport cartons cigarette between some of the moisture and ground items, such as cardboard, foam board, etc., or to store cigarette cartons directly on the shelf, do not give a chance to the cigarette and ground contact This will increase the safety of the cigarette store. 4. dehumidification drying In the high temperature of the rainy season and during storage of cigarettes, the cheap newport cigarettes should be stored in a cool, dry and airy place, do remember not on the sun exposure. Some recipients also can be stored on the desiccant metal box or carton of cigarettes, and in the process, pay attention to the timely replacement of desiccant for aesthetic, sample cigarettes inside the container can purchase some of the desiccant in the humble corner.

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